In golf, one size does not fit all. It is a well known fact that the golf clubs mass produced by the major manufacturers are not the precision instruments that they should be. Although the finest materials and designs are put into the equipment the mass production process cannot economically produce clubs to fit each individual golfer. That is the function of the Professional Club Fitter.

Statistics show that most golfers play with golf clubs that do not fit their swings, after Professional Club Fitting golfers will experience a level of shot making that will provide the maximum efficiency from a properly fitted and matched set of golf clubs.

HAVE YOUR CLUBS PRODUCED AND FIT LIKE THE TOUR PROS. Our Tour Van is equipped with the newest technological advances and equipment available today. 

Our industry certified Professional Club Fitters and Club Repair Technicians are anxious to assist you in finding the proper club specifications to fit and improve your game.  WITH US IT’S NOT A JOB IT’S A PASSION!!
Some of the common problems inherent with improper club fitting are:*Incorrect shaft length and/or flex resulting in a loss of control, distance, and poor trajectories,*Improper lie angles resulting in shots that are pulled or pushed,*Improper face angles resulting in shots that are sliced or hooked,*Lofts that are not produced within manufacturer's standards resulting in trajectories that produce shots that are often long or short of the target.
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