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OUTDOOR FITTINGS –We do our club fittings outdoors as much as possible since we believe that an outdoor fitting provides the most accurate fitting possible. Our Professional Club Fitters can visually observe the ball flight and compare it to the FLIGHTSCOPE LAUNCH MONITOR data

PURPOSE; The Woods Fitting is to maximize the Client’s potential for accuracy and distance with properly fitted woods. The most accurate way to evaluate the potential is with a Launch Monitor. 
The Launch Monitor provides data for Ball Velocity, Club Head Speed, Distance, Smash Factor, Launch Angle, Total Spin, Deviation From Center, Angle of Descent, Side Spin and Club Face Angle. These are the parameters for a proper fitting. Our Woods Fitting includes:

STATIC FITTING-The Client is interviewed to assess their present swing and playing characteristics and their goals. Measurements are taken to determine grip size and to form a partial basis for shaft length and set make-up.

EVALUATION OF CURRENT WOODS-The Client’s current woods are evaluated for length, shaft flex, frequency, weight, kick point, swing weight, grip size, club head size and shape. They will hit balls with their current clubs for visual observation and to record Launch Monitor data.

LAUNCH MONITOR FITTING-The Client will hit balls, with the FLIGHTSCOPE Launch Monitor and visual observation utilizing different test clubs to determine their optimum specifications.

RECOMMENDATIONS-The Client will receive recommendations for alterations to their present woods, if necessary, which can be made at the Tour Van by our Professional Club Builders. They will also be provided detailed, written specifications for the purchase of new woods. These clubs may be purchased from us or they may use the specifications to purchase equipment from another source. We carry many major brands, shafts and grips in the Tour Van at competitive pricing.

TIME REQUIRED- Approximately 60 - 90 Minutes

PURPOSE- The Irons Fitting is to maximize the clients potential for improving the iron and wedge games. The focus will be on accuracy, distance control and trajectory.

ACTIVE FITTING- We utilize the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer to determine the proper shaft for the client. The Shaft Optimizer is the newest and best method for determining the proper shaft. After the client shaft type and flex has been determined, the client will hit balls using the recommended shaft(s). The client will hit balls with various clubs using lie and face tape to determine lie, length and loft These parameters will determine shot direction. In addition, visual observations will be made of ball flight and swing tendencies to make recommendations for trajectory, loft, bounce and wedge set make up.

RECOMMENDATIONS-The Client will receive recommendations for adjustments to their present set. These adjustments can normally be performed on site at a nominal cost. We will also provide written specifications for new irons, wedges and set make up (including hybrids). These may be purchased at competitive pricing at theTour Van.

TIME REQUIRED- Irons Fitting Approximately 60 - 90 Minutes


TIME REQUIRED- Woods and Irons Fitting - 2 hours
FITTING DISCOUNTS - Fitting discounts are available for a combination of woods and irons fittings. 

            PUTTER FITTING SERVICES                                           

PURPOSE- To improve the Client’s putting results by providing input as to the style of putter that will best suit the Client’s putting stroke and measurements to achieve optimum performance for ball speed and line.

STATIC FITTING-The Client will be interviewed to assess their current putting results and the areas they wish to improve. The Client will be measured to determine a partial basis for putter length and grip.

EVALUATION OF CURRENT PUTTER- An evaluation will be made of the Client’s current putting equipment including length, lie angle, loft, weight, swing weight and suitability to their putting stroke.

ACTIVE FITTING-The Client will be measured with a PUTTER FITTING GAUGE to determine the vertical angle and lie angle. 

THE PUTTER FITTING CLUB STATION - will locate their eye position properly and evaluate the desired hand position. The ideal lie angle (critical for direction) is measured. They will stroke several putts using their current putter and our test putters to determine which combination of putter style, weight and lie angle work best for their individual putting style. They will then stroke a series of putts using the PRO-BALANCE DROP IN WEIGHTING SYSTEM which GOLFWEEK MAGAZINE calls “THE BEST INVESTMENT FOR SERIOUS GOLFERS”. This proven fitting system has been utilized by more than 200 Tour Professionals with 100 top ten finishes on Tour to date.

Zenio Putter Fitting - The Clients stroke will be evaluated using the Zenio Putting System. The Zenio is used extensively by major putting coaches for the European and the PGA Tour. The client will be evaluated for tempo, face open/closed in three positions and they will be compared to an average of 80 Touring Pros. Not only will this assist in fitting, it provides a basis for improvement to the clients putting game.

RECOMMENDATIONS- The Client will receive recommendations for putter loft, putter style, weight, swing weight and lie angle. Where feasible, we can perform any adjustments to their current putter on site.  We build custom putters to fit the client on site and we also have a quality assortment of putters in the Tour Van should the client wish to purchase a custom putter built to their specifcations. We are installers of the PRO-BALANCE  DROP IN WEIGHTING SYSTEM which can be installed at the Tour Van.

TIME REQUIRED –Approximately 60- 75 Minutes