90% OF GOLFERS PLAY WITH CLUBS THAT DON'T FIT! 

ClubFit Golf Tour Vans LLC is a Western Pennsylvania based company providing the latest technology and equipment in OUTDOOR, custom club fitting to the golfing public. Our Tour Van will be at a location near you in the near future.

Our industry certified Master Club Performance Specialists are also True Temper Gold Certified and are eager to provide the finest custom club fitting, sales and repair services available.

The mobile Tour Van is also a fully equipped club building and repair facility such as those that travel the Professional Tours. The Tour Van can provide normal club repair, alterations of the client’s current clubs and installing new grips or shafts. 

The Tour Van also has a complete selection of clubs, shafts, grips, club heads and other components to sell or build top quality, brand name golf clubs to fit golfers from skilled players to mid and high handicappers.  We carry most major brands at competitive prices.

There is a misconception that custom fitting is just for skilled players. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mid and high handicappers benefit the most from custom fitted golf clubs because properly fitted equipment greatly diminishes their swing inconsistencies and lowers their scores.

Normally, custom fitted clubs cost no more than off the rack clubs. Every Professional and highly skilled golfer knows that custom fitted clubs are essential to a good golf game.

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